A Mediterranean bedroom is a space designed for rest, privacy and comfort. To make the space as cozy and luxurious as possible, try to incorporate elements that promote these elements. These include high ceilings and exposed wooden beams. A four-poster bed can draw the eye upwards while adding a touch of romance and whimsy to the room.

Light green accents and brown leather headboards are a great way to introduce a Mediterranean style bedroom to a room. The natural materials used in a Tuscan style bedroom can make the room feel more meditative and serene. A framed piece of art can also inspire the overall design and create a Mediterranean feel.

A Mediterranean bedroom can be accented with a fireplace. The fireplace can be tucked into a huge wooden column. Alternatively, you can opt for a traditional wooden sleigh bed and a matching bedside chest. A crystal chandelier dangling from the ceiling adds a touch of opulence. If you prefer a more elegant look, a patterned mirror panel on the wall can be a great way to complete the bedroom.

A Mediterranean bedroom may be accentuated with an exposed wooden beam. An exposed beam is a unique design element, which makes the space feel both rustic and elegant. It is complemented by a canopy bed, window treatments, and colored chairs and a table. The exposed wooden beam creates a romantic atmosphere. A wooden ceiling with exposed wooden beams also creates a barn-like feel. A wrought iron chandelier also adds a chic touch to a Mediterranean bedroom.

Adding terracotta is another great way to add a Mediterranean feel to a bedroom. This reddish clay is used for many purposes, from floor tiles to pots and decorative items. This color adds a Mediterranean feel to any room. While floor tiles are the most obvious way to incorporate terracotta into a room, terracotta pots and other terracotta decor can be subtler.

When choosing furniture, think about the details that make it look authentic. Wooden armoires and pine coffee tables are classic pieces that will create a unique and comfortable look. Rustic iron chandeliers and wrought iron bed frames are also great additions to a Mediterranean-inspired retreat. In addition to rustic iron accents, rustic wrought iron bed frames, and rough-hewn wooden dining tables provide visual appeal.

Adding texture to walls is another key element of Mediterranean style. In addition to wood and stone, terra-cotta tile and textured plaster walls are important elements of the Mediterranean look. These materials are durable and require minimal maintenance. If you choose to install your own stucco walls, consider hiring a drywall specialist to complete the project for you.

While natural elements make a Mediterranean bedroom look more vibrant, warm colors add a soothing feel. The warm colors of Mediterranean landscape are reminiscent of sunsets and vibrant orange gardens. If you’re afraid of too much color, consider choosing a neutral backdrop for the space.