Bedside Tables are furniture pieces used at the side of a bed. They are also called nightstands, daystands, or bedside cabinets. These modern pieces of furniture are usually small and feature shelves or drawers, but less often, small doors. The most common feature of a modern nightstand is a shelf or drawer.

The shape of the table is also important. It should fit the shape of the room. A trunk or faux-bois tree trunk can be an interesting and unique option. A tall table lamp on top will provide ample reading light. If space is limited, you can also opt for a desk. While it isn’t as space-friendly as a bedside table, it can be a great place to store the bedside must-haves.

The size of your room and your storage needs will determine the size and style of bedside tables you need. You may only need a nightstand for a single person’s bed, but you may need two or more if you have a wall bed. You may also want two separate nightstands if you share the room with your partner. Drawers are not a necessity, but they can help contain the clutter in the room. You can also find beautiful nightstands without drawers.

While it is important to choose the right size for your room, you also need to take the height into consideration. Generally, bedside tables range between 24 to 30 inches in height, but it is important to find out the height of your bed before buying a nightstand. Ideally, the height of the table should be within two inches of the mattress. A low-lying bed might require a smaller-sized nightstand, and a high-end bed might require a larger nightstand.

A bedside table is an important part of any bedroom design scheme. In addition to providing storage space, they can also add character to the room. It can be used to hold small objects, such as a book, or it can be used as a foundation for styling. You can also add accessories to it, such as catchall trays or wellness-wired alarm clocks.

A bedside table has a rich history. Its name originates in the XVII century, when the French word “commode” meant “handy”. In Latin, the word “commodus” means “comfortable”. Today, the term “commode” is still used to describe bedside tables.

Modern bedside tables are made with a variety of materials. A modern bedside table is often made with a marble top, but there are countless materials and finishes to choose from. You can choose a bedside table that is both practical and beautiful. You can even find bedside tables made of solid cherry wood.

Choosing a bedside table for your bedroom can make a huge difference in your nighttime routine. It can serve as a charging station for your phone and keep your reading materials close at hand. It can also anchor the look and feel of your bedroom. If you’re not sure which bedside table to choose, here are some tips to help you select the right piece.