Putting a TV in a bedroom can drastically change the ambiance of the room. You should try to place the TV where you can easily view it from bed, and away from any glare. A corner placement will maximize space and allow you to add more wall decor to the space. Make sure the TV is not too close to a door.

It is best to place the TV at a height where it does not obstruct the drawers and wardrobes in the room. Choose a wall mount or rest your television on a tall dresser or other piece of furniture. You may even be able to place it on top of a large chest of drawers.

Aside from disturbing your sleep, watching TV in the bedroom can also interfere with other activities you enjoy in bed. Sex, reading, journaling, and other intimate activities can be affected. Moreover, you might experience strange dreams unrelated to the plots of TV shows. Ultimately, the more time you spend watching television, the less time you have for sleep.

When you’re buying a bedroom TV, you’ll want to make sure you get the proper accessories to pair it with your other electronics. You’ll probably need HDMI leads so you can hook up your cable or satellite box. It will also help if your bedroom TV has enough HDMI ports. Some models may also have Bluetooth connectivity.

You may also want to consider getting a new TV to replace your old one. A television that is too bright can keep you awake. If you can’t sleep without a TV, you may want to try reading a book in a dim light. Otherwise, you may need to avoid watching action movies or scary programs.

Another reason to remove your TV from the bedroom is to prevent your child from watching too much TV. It can cause them to avoid spending time with you and with other people. The TV screen can distract them from socializing and playing games. It also makes it harder to have family time. So, keeping your bedroom TV out of their reach may help them develop healthy habits.

If you have a space in your bedroom, you can place your television in a corner. Alternatively, you can mount it next to your bed. Try mounting it perpendicular to the edge of the mattress, but make sure it isn’t near the door. This way, your television will be centered against the wall and look bigger.

You may also want to consider a wall-mounted TV instead. Some people say that a TV in the bedroom can be distracting, but it can also be an excellent addition. Some say that it’s necessary. However, others disagree. If you want to place a TV in the bedroom, you must carefully consider its positive impact on sleep.