A Pool Ionizer is a device that adds ions to the water. Ions are atoms with an electrical charge, and they are present in all water bodies. Copper ions inhibit algae growth, while silver ions act as bactericides. These ions should be present at a certain level in your swimming pool in order to provide continuing protection.

Most pool owners would like to get rid of chlorine from their pools. Some people believe that chlorine causes cancer, and others are allergic to it. Whatever the case, the fact is that most pool owners don’t like the current water chemistry in their pools and are looking for alternative solutions. One of the best options for getting rid of chlorine from your pool is to use a Pool Ionizer. This simple device can significantly reduce the cost of your water treatment equipment.

The ionizer works by removing impurities and reducing the amount of chlorine that is needed for your pool. Depending on the size and capacity of your pool, this amount is going to vary. However, you need to remember that chlorine and bromine can be corrosive to the parts of your swimming pool. By using a Pool Ionizer, you will be able to reduce the amount of chlorine and reduce the risk of bacteria and algae growth.

The first step is installation. You will need to install the electrode into the return line of your swimming pool. This step requires the use of a measuring tape, a saw, plumbing cement, and a few tools. Another step involves mounting the electronic control of the Pool Ionizer. The device can be mounted to a wall or fence, but you may need a drill to install the screws. Once installed, you can plug the power supply into a standard outlet. Alternatively, you can hardwire the electrode to your pool pump or timer.

A Pool Ionizer will not completely sanitize your pool, but it can significantly reduce your chlorine consumption. It can also kill algae and bacteria in your pool without the need for costly chemicals. In addition, copper and silver ions do not fade swimsuits or cause skin irritation. They are also safe to use, which is another bonus.

Using a Pool Ionizer will lower the amount of chlorine and bromine in your water. In fact, most health organizations recommend a lower level of chlorine and bromine than you would with regular use of chlorine and bromine. The goal is to reduce these chemicals to 0.5 ppm or lower.

One of the most affordable options is a Solar Pool Ionizer. These devices are becoming more popular and are becoming more affordable than electronic models. However, you should consider the size and pH of your pool before deciding to purchase one.