One of the easiest ways to maximize the space in your bathroom closet is to organize it by using storage containers. These containers come in all shapes and sizes. Choose organizers with lids to keep dust out of the contents. Also, pay attention to the height of the containers. For instance, if you use lotion frequently, choose organizers with a lower shelf height. In addition, label your storage bins or compartments so that you will be able to find the items easily.

Another advantage of a bathroom closet is that it’s private. You can lock it to prevent anyone from entering it without entering the bathroom. This is useful in a situation where you want privacy, but don’t want others to see you putting on your clothes. You can also choose a closet that doubles as a private retreat or office.

Before organizing your bathroom closet, you should first empty the cabinets and drawers. Then, separate and organize items according to their use. You can use drawer dividers to separate items by function. You can also place glass containers for items that need to be visible. Finally, keep the items that you actually need within easy reach.

White is a classic color for a closet. It projects a feeling of cleanliness and sophistication. It also enhances the design of a bathroom. If you are limited by space, you can add storage on the back of the closet door. This way, you can easily access it and use it for frequently used items.

Another benefit of a bathroom closet is that it’s a great place to store extra clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s also an excellent place for winter boots and heavy coats. You can even place your ski equipment in there. It also offers extra security. For the most valuable items, you can place a home safe in there. It may be safer to keep your valuables in your master bath than in your bedroom.

In addition to your toiletries, you can keep extra towels and bath supplies in the bathroom closet. But make sure you don’t store linens in it. These can cause allergies. If you have an allergy, don’t put them in the bathroom. And if you have extra bed linens, you can also keep them in a separate room.

Moreover, you can use storage units that contain plastic cubbies for items that might spill. Plastic cubbies will not attract bacteria or mold and can be easily cleaned in case of spills. When organising your bathroom closet, remember to consider how you use each item and prioritize those that are essential. This will help you get more space and prevent your bathroom from becoming a “dumping ground.”

Another way to maximize your bathroom closet space is to install bathroom cabinets. There are many options available and choosing the right cabinet can help you maximize your space.

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