Fireplaces may take second place among living room’s focal points, but they can make an eye-catching statement on their own. Enviable Designs’ round hearth with its stunning rounded surround and hearth contrast beautifully against black molding for an eye-catching contrast.

Simple way to modernize a classic fireplace: paint mantel and moldings all one color for an uncluttered appearance that makes accessorizing easier with vases, art or other decorations.

1. Metallic Brick Fireplace

Metallic brick fireplaces are a striking modern design element, providing subtle yet impactful accents in any room. Simply paint it white or black to match with your space’s aesthetic, then add modern pieces like non-working fireplaces, electronic picture frames featuring loved ones or inspirational signs to give the fireplace character and add it to your decor.

Lime-washing brick fireplaces is an easy and effective way to instantly revitalize their material. In this modern farmhouse living room by designer Bianca Ecklund, lime-washing was used to draw attention to an accent wall rising up towards tall ceilings; white shiplap walls contrast beautifully with the brick material; while a wooden mantel acts as an intermediary.

Dark brick fireplace surrounds are an elegant modern choice for rustic-inspired living spaces, such as in this mountain home designed by interior designer Jay Jeffers in Colorado. He chose steel to accentuate against its dark wood floor and window trim.

2. Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Mid-century modern aesthetics don’t necessitate that fireplaces be bold focal points; instead, they can be designed as subdued design features that easily integrate with the rest of your living space, such as this wood-burning fireplace surrounded by natural materials in this room designed by Jeffers.

If you opt for a brick fireplace, try painting the wall above it with vibrant hues for an eye-catching accent that makes the fireplace less intimidating and more like art, according to interior designer Andra DelMonico. This may help make it appear less like an impassive monolith and more like an artistic statement piece.

Tile fireplaces can also add a mid-century modern touch. Designer Lindye Galloway used a blue tile to add visual interest while matching the color of the surrounding walls, and even included built-in firewood storage as an added splash of mid-century flair.

3. Rounded Fireplace

Consider making the fireplace the focal point of your living room instead of concealing it behind a mantel. A rounded surround adds warmth to an otherwise sleek space while bold colors can make an impactful statement; Bolognino designed this cobalt blue surround which stands out beautifully against a dark gray stone wall and complements other accents in the room, such as leather chairs and extra wide landscape art.

Substituting sleek tile for more organic surfaces like stone or brick helps soften textbook modernism. The textured appearance of these surrounds provides plenty of visual interest when topped off with unique modern vases and family photos from Ladd Drummond.

For those who prefer subtler designs, painted fireplaces offer an excellent way to introduce color. Here, the smoky gray surround combines with black trim and an eye-catching wood burning stove for an inviting living room that feels pulled together.

4. Wooden Fireplace

An easy way to add modernity and depth to an old fireplace is through painting its walls a dramatic shade, such as this Brooklyn brownstone where designer Corey Damen Jenkins used the same dark hue on both the fireplace wall, mantel and built-ins.

Lime-washing your brick fireplace for a subtler makeover is a great way to soften its modernist exterior while adding organic textures that soften modernism’s edge. A wood surround and stacks of logs complete this country-chic look.

Don’t hide away your fireplace! Make it the focal point of your living space by featuring it with a wood-burning stove and an eye-catching surround such as foraged ivy, rose hips, eucalyptus and yew branches as seen here in Hudson, New York home.

5. Linear Fireplace

A linear fireplace can add modernity and sleek style when properly designed and framed. This style typically sits near eye level, leaving plenty of room above it for mantels or displays. You may even opt for a minimalist approach by forgoing fireplace screens or doors altogether.

Mix and match materials when designing a modern fireplace to add visual interest and variety. Wood and stone blend well for a rustic aesthetic, while white shiplap can create an eye-catching contrast when painted to complement its surroundings.

Assemble an eye-catching modern fireplace by opting for a monochrome style fireplace. When lit, its bold flames make an immediate statement that can easily be enhanced with decorative objects like vases, artwork or an integrated TV. You could even cover your walls with patterned tiles from Tina Ramchandani Creative to add texture.

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